We invite you to join the Placer County Legal Professionals Association (PCLPA).  Membership in our organization is open to all legal professionals:  legal secretaries, legal assistants, paralegals, law office administrators and other legal support staff, as well as attorneys. Contact our Membership Chairperson, Rachel Malerbi for a Membership Application.

Benefits of being a member of PCLPA are:

  • Continuing education through educational programs and speakers at general membership meetings as well as at LSI conferences held quarterly.
  • Networking:  Through educational meetings, conferences, seminars and other events you will meet other legal professionals working in all areas of law.
  • Monthly Newsletter provided by PCLPA.
  • The Legal Secretary:  Quarterly magazine published by Legal Secretaries Incorporated.
  • Insurance:  A variety of individual insurance plans including health, dental, disability, life and major medical are available through several providers.
  • Retirement Planning:  Help with retirement planning is available through a variety of providers.
  • Discounts on the following Rutter Group publications:  Legal Professionals Handbook and Law Office Procedures Manual.
  • Discounts on Hertz Rental cars.
  • Discounts on event tickets, movie tickets, theme parks, Broadway theater, sporting events, hotel certificates, gift cards and more through Working Advantage.

Requirements for Membership:

Active:  An active member shall be a person approved by the membership who is (1) licensed to practice law; (2) employed as legal support staff in the office of any attorney engaged in the practice of law; (3) employed by the courts; or (4) employed in any other institution or office directly engaged in work of a legal nature.

Student:  Any person currently enrolled in an institution and training to become a legal professional and not actively employed in a legal capacity.  Such person shall retain student status until training is completed and/or becoming actively employed in a legal capacity.  Upon completion of training and/or active employment in a legal field, a person may become a full active member with all rights and obligations of such membership.  Student members shall be allowed to retain such status for no more than one (1) year after becoming employed.